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Dancing Classrooms Teaching Artists work with school teachers to ensure that the students connect their ballroom dancing experience with art, music, history, language arts, social studies and physical education. This curriculum integration produces some wonderful works of art and poetry from the children.
I see a dramatic story
Two scorpions dancing
Dashing into attack
Then retreating
Sharp and quick steps
Two serious faces
And serious movements
I see a battlefield
And no happiness
Serious faces
Slow and quick steps
I hear nothing from the audience
Just silence.
Are they holding their breath?
I do the graceful dip of the corte
And the fierce attack and retreat of the promenade
I rock my feet back and forth
A dramatic passionate dance
- -Dominique, PS 31Q

Ballroom Dancing
In ballroom dancing, I feel like a star lighting up the stage. I can feel the electricity flowing through my body when dancing the Swing, movin’and groovin’ shakin’ all around. I get on the emotion train when I dance the waltz, because there’s blue and emotion train when I dance the Waltz, because there’s blue and emotional songs. Something always happens to the inside of my body in every dance. But not only are my emotions changing, but I feel professional. I feel like I’m really good with everyone staring at me. The breeze flowing through my head makes me eager. And my teeth are lightbulbs as I smile. I finally get off the emotion train. At Merengue Street, where my favorite dance is from. I love this dance because to me, it is the easiest and it is traditional to me. All my memories come out, like my old times in D.R., and then all the memories are gone, when I start my Tango with my serious face and my sharp position with crispy wings (arms together) and chopsticks (feet perfect distance apart).
- -Orlando, 5th Grade

Gliding smoothly, softly, serenely,
In a royal, regal ballgown,
I’m a ballerina, gracefully gliding,
Stepping, spinning, never stopping

Soft, soothing sounds surround us,
They pirouette around and across us,
A stream of kingly, queenly music,
Like being a princess in a movie

Slow, quick, quick, slow, quick, quick
The rhythm echoes around the room,
I feel as happy as an angel in the clouds,
As elegant as Cinderella

My steps float in the softest clouds,
Time has stopped, my dance goes on,
As we curtsy and elegantly walk away,
I am truly a princess.
- -Vishu, PS 31Q

More Poems
"Ms Maria, I like your dance moves so much I even teach my dog how to do the Rumba, even she has four legs. But I did the Tango, the Rumba and I got used to my chicken wings. I taught my whole intire family. I told my mom that I like to demonstrate with the whole class and you were right being mean to each other is mean and I love dancing so much, I play the new dance on the dance floor. But I want to get better at Tango, I've been practicing, practicing and practicing, I really want to dance Tango!" - Semaj

"I like the dance class because it was fun and I make new friends in the class. That is the best dance I learned in my whole life! The best move that I liked was the Starburst. The best part was when I was learning the dances." - Anthony

"I learned to have respect for every one in my class and I learned to behave in a gentlemen way and how to be nice and not mean to others and most of all not always think about myself but think about others around you. " - -5th Grade Student

"I really like this dance thing. My goal is not to be a dancer, my goal is to go finish high school/college and become a Pro Football player, but I really enjoy you coming and I hope you keep on coming, because this dance class is awesome! So, I just want to tell I really really love this dance class, its really been hopeful of because other kids dont have this." - Zar

"Thank you for this awesome adventure that you have brought to us. My class really liked Tango! Dancing Classrooms has been a great experience for me!" - Zhimond

"Thank you for coming to our school, that was sweet of you. My favourite dancing is maybe most of them, because it's fun! Sandwich, Square and Rectangle moves are kind of hard for me, but I'm trying. I'm really good at Stomp! My thing is that I will be on my best behavior, if I did anything wrong I'll fix it and doing a good job at dancing!" - Ariel

"On the first lesson it was good. I really like your class. There is nothing I dont like about the class. I feel like it's a good opportunity for me to do a team work. Also it's a good way to show respect to other students. I enjoy the class." - Tayyler

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