Social Development

 Research projects show that Dancing Classrooms makes positive changes in the social development of particpants:

Philliber Research Associates, St. Louis, Missouri, 2005

  • Student pre & post, teacher, parent, and Teaching Artist questionnaires
  • Student demographics: 25% African-American, 25% Hispanic, 30% Asian, 20% Anglo
  • Respondents agreed that Dancing Classrooms:
    • helped students overcome social anxieties
    • enhanced respect and increased social skills
    • increased student confidence and self-esteem
    • increased student awareness of other cultures
    • increased student physical development, coordination and participation in physical activity
  • Teacher Comment:  Many learned how to interact better with their peers; many learned to be more respectful of one another.

Dr. Larry Nelson, UTA College of Education, Arlington, Texas 2006

  • Pre & post test protocol on 624 5th graders (1/3rd in control group)
  • Sense of Mastery Global Scale and Sense of Relatedness Scale:
  • Very Strong Statistical Difference:
    • If I try hard it makes a difference.
    • There are people who will help me if something bad happens.
    • I get a lot of encouragement at my school.
    • School will help me be successful.
  • Strong Statistical Difference:
    • I will be happy and successful when I grow up.
    • I am getting the exercise that I need.
    • People accept me for who I am.
    • I feel supported.
    • It makes me sad to see a girl or boy who cannot find anyone to play with.
    • I respect people who are different than I am.
  • Social Support within the Sense of Relatedness scale showed a Very Strong Statistical Difference


Download reports: Dr. Larry Nelson , Philliber