Student Spotlight: Poems

I see a dramatic story
Two scorpions dancing
Dashing into attack
Then retreating
Sharp and quick steps
Two serious faces
And serious movements
I see a battlefield
And no happiness
Serious faces
Slow and quick steps
I hear nothing from the audience
Just silence.
Are they holding their breath?
I do the graceful dip of the corte
And the fierce attack and retreat of the promenade
I rock my feet back and forth
A dramatic passionate dance
- -Dominique, PS 31Q

Ballroom Dancing
In ballroom dancing, I feel like a star lighting up the stage. I can feel the electricity flowing through my body when dancing the Swing, movin’and groovin’ shakin’ all around. I get on the emotion train when I dance the waltz, because there’s blue and emotion train when I dance the Waltz, because there’s blue and emotional songs. Something always happens to the inside of my body in every dance. But not only are my emotions changing, but I feel professional. I feel like I’m really good with everyone staring at me. The breeze flowing through my head makes me eager. And my teeth are lightbulbs as I smile. I finally get off the emotion train. At Merengue Street, where my favorite dance is from. I love this dance because to me, it is the easiest and it is traditional to me. All my memories come out, like my old times in D.R., and then all the memories are gone, when I start my Tango with my serious face and my sharp position with crispy wings (arms together) and chopsticks (feet perfect distance apart).
- -Orlando, 5th Grade

Gliding smoothly, softly, serenely,
In a royal, regal ballgown,
I’m a ballerina, gracefully gliding,
Stepping, spinning, never stopping

Soft, soothing sounds surround us,
They pirouette around and across us,
A stream of kingly, queenly music,
Like being a princess in a movie

Slow, quick, quick, slow, quick, quick
The rhythm echoes around the room,
I feel as happy as an angel in the clouds,
As elegant as Cinderella

My steps float in the softest clouds,
Time has stopped, my dance goes on,
As we curtsy and elegantly walk away,
I am truly a princess.
- -Vishu, PS 31Q

Ballroom Dancing
Eres como la luz de la luna que ilumina mi dia. Con amor y passion te dedicaria esta cancion.Con una piedra de marmol y mi corazón deiria que eres como una mariposa de color rosa y misteriosa siempre handas en montañas y eres como la luz del dia misteriosa y cariñosa. Tambien te digo que bailando sale tu lus tu belleza y tu reflegente luz de belleza.

You are like the light of the moon that illuminates my day. With love and passion I dedicate this song. With a marble stone and my heart, I would say you're like a pink butterfly, always mysterious you walk among mountains and you are like the light of day, mysterious and loving. I can also tell you that by dancing your light emerges and reflects the light of your beauty.
- -5th Grade ELL Student

Foxtrot Spell
Foxes hair,
Bunny tail,
Blubber from a whale,
Brew, brew in this pot,
Make great at the Foxtrot!
- -Jean

Dancing the Tango is
feel that you are in an
elegant ballroom dance
restaurant. The sharp
shiny shoes stomp
the floor. Moving your
feet on a drum, you
move like a scorpion
your arms are ready
to sting. My partner
bows to me, like
saying hello and he
says "may I have
this dance?" I am so
nervous and reluctantly
say "with pleasure." When
I finish, the people
whistling and clapping
I bow to my partner.
- -Tomasa, 5th Grade

The Touch of the Merengue
You shake your hips to the beat.
You try to stay serious but you can’t help smiling.
Because you’re having so much fun.
It feels like you’re drifting high up in the sky
And you’re never going to come down to earth again.
Even when the music ceases you keep moving
Because the beat remains in your head.
There is nothing that can make this feeling go away.
Even if your partner steps on your foot.
- -Chelsea

Dancing, dancing makes you move,
you get to feel carefree.
Jumping, swinging, bouncing around,
your heart beats terribly.
Laughing, smiling, having fun,
the dances each with their own style.
After some time you get tired, but
really don’t want to stop.
- -Veronica

Palm Tree (The Waltz)
The palm tree
Is so beautiful
She sways
She dances
Whenever the wind
Passes by
- -Emely

Jazzy Groove
You got to move
This groove will soothe
2 basics baby
1 lady underarm turn, maybe
1 gentleman underarm turn, maybe baby
12 shakes in all.
If you don’t know the groove
Then you can’t move
And this beat can’t soothe
- -Raquel