Frequently Asked Questions

How are students selected to participate?
Students are not individually selected to participate. Dancing Classrooms is a fully inclusive program, conducted during the regular school day as part of the school's curriculum. ALL 5th and 8th grade students are eligible to experience the value of the program. It is not an elective nor is it an after-school class.

How is Dancing Classrooms Greater Richmond (DCGRVA) funded?

By people like YOU!  Each school is a funding partner.  The participating school pays 50% of the program cost and DCGRVA raises the other 50% from foundations, coporations, individuals, etc..  Dancing Classrooms is a community effort and requires a “partnership” between you and our non-profit organization.

Why should I support a dance program?
You are not supporting a "dance program" !!  DCGRVA does not focus on dance "technique".  You are supporting a social development program; a program that utilizes ballroom dancing as the tool to generate social change in the participants and overall school culture. 

How can I support DCGRVA?
There are many ways you can help us bring meaningful life changes to students.  View your opportunities on our Get Involved page.

Does DCGRVA make a difference in students' lives?
Absolutely!  Multiple research projects have been completed on the Dancing Classrooms program and all of the results support our efforts. Ask us for the full reports or read an overview of the benefits.

What can students, their families and schools expect to gain from a DCGRVA residency?
Principals, teachers and parents around the country have stated that the Dancing Classrooms program improves:
  • Self-confidence 
  • School attendance rates
  • Student behavior
  • Overall school culture
  • Respect for self & others
  • Student focus & attention
  • Classroom productivity
  • Academic scores
  • Family engagement
  • Physical Fitness

What will my investment do for the children of Greater Richmond?
A lot!  Your investment will allow 5th and 8th grade children throughout Greater Richmond the opportunity to receive the DCGRVA program at a reduced cost.   Please consider "adopting" your local or favorite school to provide its students the Program!!