The interest in Dancing Classrooms has generated research projects in universities as well as in medical facilities.   It has been found that, even more than just fun, there are additional benefits for the children participating.   There is improved behavior – as we teach the students to be "Ladies and Gentlemen”. This standard of behavior carries over into daily classroom activity, improving student grades and increasing classroom productivity; all of which can help decrease teacher turnover rates in schools, increased attendance rates, and increased graduation rates.

With the alarming rise of obesity and Type 2 diabetes among school age children, Dancing Classrooms also introduces a healthy and wholesome cardiovascular activity with the potential for lifelong enjoyment.

Further Research Issues: We will continue to explore and test the value of Dancing Classroom and its impact on School Climate (bullying, system change, absenteeism, academic success); Teacher Turnover ( the effect of school climate on reducing teacher turnover); Teen Pregnancy (the development of respect between boys & girls and its effect on reducing teen pregnancies in middle school).  All sites are encouraged to do research & evaluation; with results to be shared throughout the DC Network.  Dancing Classrooms will, beginning in the Fall of 2011, be conducting research in tandem with Lynn University and Nova Southeastern University with a focus on anti-bullying.